Lucius Fox would be proud.

While some college students spend their free time concocting new Ramen noodle recipes, one college student decided to put his time to good use by creating a Batsuit. He didn’t just recreate a costume that you can buy at a Halloween store every October. He made a Batsuit suitable for fighting crime and serving justice.

Jackson Gordon, an industrial design student at Philadelphia University, created a functional Batsuit that can protect against anything from punches, machetes and baseball bats.

Gordon, who has a black belt in Kung Fu, immersed himself in DIY projects in the past such as making lightsabers or upgrading Nerf guns. He even made a Batsuit before, but this time he wanted to make something that could be combat-friendly and easy to move around in.

Gordon started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to buy Kevlar and silicone molds, earning $1,255. The Batsuit took him about two months to make. He debuted it at Katsucon in Maryland earlier in February.

Altogether the suit weighs 25 pounds, but Gordon states that he can’t really feel its weight when he wears it.

Gordon describes himself as the type who is always looking to work on a new project. He aspires to work in a research and development lab.

“One of the things about the design process that my teacher tells us over and over again that I’ve learned in my own process but is more so even true, is that designing is never finished- you either run out of time or you run out of money.”

That definitely sounds like something Bruce Wayne would say, except for the money part.

Take a look at Gordon’s batsuit and more of his designs on his Facebook page. What do you think?

Photo by Vaughn Photography Photo by Jenelle Janci Photo by Jenelle Janci

Source: USA Today