Is Gotham City the San Francisco of the DC Universe?  Because it boasts the highest number of LGBTQ characters of any city in comics!  And they just grew by one and it’s a high-profile one yet– none other than Catwoman, Selina Kyle!

Kyle recently discarded her costumed cat burglar identity to take on the role as head of a crime family.  But the role of Catwoman is apparently a void that must be filled and another character Eiko assumed the guise.  Kyle, not having that, confronted the other female criminal, but in a surprise twist ending, in ‘Catwoman #39, the two women ended their stand-off with a passionate kiss.

Selina Kyle now joins fellow bisexual villains Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, lesbians including Selina’s charge Holly Robinson, Holly’s lover Karon, The Question/Renee Montoya, Batwoman/Kate Kane, Manhunter/Kate Spencer (relocated from Los Angeles), Maggie Sawyer(relocated from Metropolis) and transgender Alysia (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl’s former roommate), in addition to the controversial “drag queen” Batgirl Dagger Type.  (Not all characters are established in the New 52 continuity.)

‘Catwoman’ writer Genevieve Valentine justified the possibly controversial decision by saying “She’s flirted around it — often quite literally — for years now.  For me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation… certainly it’s no surprise to Selina that she has an attraction to a woman.” Valentine refers to this revelation as “indispensable.”

Catwoman has long been known as the most famous femme fatale in comics and her most notable romantic interest has always been Batman, despite their adversarial relationship.

Don’t expect this new interaction with Eiko to be a momentary dalliance.  Valentine states that Selina is now “canon bisexual” and as far as the kiss with this mysterious new Catwoman, she assures “It will be a relationship. I’m excited to be here for it.”

What do you think of this development?  Natural progression for the character?  Sensationalism?  Comment below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter