A woman in vintage garb speaks hastily on a cell phone and apologizes in distress when a mysterious figure arrives.  An illusion shattered leads to Sarah’s death, and the start of a new case for Henry.  Her hairspray leads to a series of clues pointing to Sarah completely emulating life from the seventies.

These habits lead them to a class the deceased attended which is taught by the previously introduced ‘domination therapist’, Iona Payne, who insists on being called Professor Molly Dawes now.  Sarah had confessed to Molly about being in a role-playing relationship, but insisted it was entirely safe.  They find a video of her auditioning for this role, and it leads them to the man who sought to have her pretend to be his dead wife. He quickly confesses when the police find a plethora of evidence in his old apartment, but Henry is, of course, suspicious of the circumstances.

This leads to an entirely weird situation, in which Henry and Molly go on an investigative ‘date’ to the crime scene and end up getting frisky in the very room where the young woman was killed… How this doesn’t lead to any sort of repercussion is beyond logical.

Instead, Henry deduces the man was drugged and made to think he killed Sarah, when it was in fact Sarah’s roommate (played by Emily Kinney) who committed the murder, due to her unwavering obsession with her friend.  This situation puts Molly in danger and ends with her being hospitalized with a neck wound, but Henry rushes her to safety and it appears she is now a part of his life.  As he takes these risky actions, his vast well of secrets looks even closer to becoming exposed.

With tension building, the clock is ticking on him being able to keep up the many walls of deceit he has put around him.