There has been a new Thor for a few issues now and when the eighth one drops this May we’ll finally see who is behind the mask. I know fans of the series have been dying to know who the new Thor is and the writers are finally going to let us know! Thankfully it was announced pretty early that we wouldn’t be left in suspense for too long as the book is not meant to be an ongoing mystery of who she is.

With how the writing has been there has been a natural lead in to the real introduction and as it stands the reveal doesn’t seem to feel rushed or delayed for filling space.

In the recent event of ‘Original Sin’ we saw that the original Thor Odinson found out that he was “Worthy No More!” Unable to wield the hammer a new Thor came forth and has taken the persona. Only we haven’t known who it has been. So far we do know that it is not All-Mothher Frigga and most likely not Lady Sif. While initially only shown in silhouette it appeared that whoever picked up Mjolnir was able to breathe in space without help so it would also seem unlikely to be Jane Foster.

Of course that could have just been a trick of the light for that last one.

In last week’s issue we saw that Odin was going to be releasing The Destroyer on Thor and it seems that battle will run through to the big reveal stage. Let’s take a look at the teaser for the eighth issue:

• The final battle with the Destroyer!
• Guest stars galore!
• A shocking return!
• And oh yeah…Thor’s secret identity revealed at last!!!

The Destroyer! Cameos! A shocking return? The big reveal! I’m kind of curious if the big reveal and the shocking return are actually going to go hand in hand.

Jason Aaron has been knocking it out of the park with this title and I can’t wait for his big reveal on who now wields Mjolnir.

What are your thoughts on the new Thor? Who do you is behind the mask? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book Movie