If you’re a gamer at all, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time lost in one of Activision Blizzard’s various RPG or MMO games. Whether it was ‘Warcraft‘ or ‘Starcraft’ or ‘Diablo,’ or even one of the various sequels or spin-off’s of those, each and every game from the Blizzard library holds a special place in the heart of those who have played them. Now NECA is planning to bring that magic to life with a new line of figures based off of the upcoming Blizzard Mulitplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) “Heroes of the Storm” game!

MOBA is set to star 34 characters from across all of Blizzard’s mainstay series like ‘Diablo’ and ‘Starcraft’, and the current plan is for NECA to recreate each and every one of them in 6″ scale plastic form! This new 6″ scale toyline will feature some of Blizzard’s most beloved characters from the game, which is kind of like a ‘Blizzard All Stars’ game in and of itself! It makes perfect sense after the huge success that was NECA’s first foray into Activision Blizzard’s world with their standalone ‘Diablo’ figure last year! These figures are set to the be the first ever fully articulated figures based on the world’s of Blizzard’s legendary game series, so between that and the cast of iconic game characters we’ll be seeing in this line, it’s pretty much a guaranteed hit!

The release schedule sees two figures releasing at a time, with Starcraft’s Nova and World of Warcraft’s Illidan Stormrage launching the line this summer! They will be shortly thereafter followed by Stitches of ‘World of Warcraft’ fame, who will be released as a larger ‘deluxe’ figure. Other figures expected to be released early on in the series run include Arthas from ‘World of Warcraft’, and Tyrael from ‘Diablo’.

These figures are set to be on display this weekend at Toy Fair New York 2015, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more of the line in action! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com for all of your Toy Fair 2015 News! We’re following the toy news you need to know all throughout the weekend!

(via Kotaku)