It may have taken us over a decade after the show was cancelled to get them, but we are finally getting decent figures based on Joss Whedon’s cult classic ‘Firefly’ series! A Funko Toys Legacy Facebook Page recently posted a few scanned images from this years Funko Toy Fair catalog, along with one actual photo of another all new figure from his very own Legacy line, The Rocketeer!

While the images are pretty blurry here, the sculpts look leaps and bounds better than any previously released ‘Firefly’ figures! Especially when compared to the ’Firefly’ figures from Funko’s ReAction line, these look phenomenal! The only complaint to be had here is that the entire crew of The Serenity couldn’t quite make it into this first series of figures! It’s expected that we’ll be seeing the rest of the show’s cast (Simon, River, Sheppard Book, ect) in series two if this first wave of figures does well at retail; and why wouldn’t it? These are the toy’s we’ve been waiting for over a decade for!

As we mentioned before, the Funko Toys Legacy Facebook Page also posted some images of the upcoming Rocketeer figure from Funko’s Legacy line, which you can see below!

The sculpt and articulation on The Rocketeer look great, and it looks as though he comes with a second interchangeable head so you can have the character masked or unmasked! That said, the one thing that sticks out in this picture to me isn’t even the Rocketeer, but what’s sitting on the shelf behind him.  Is that… is that the Shark from ‘Jaws’? Like THE Shark from ‘Jaws’? As in “they are making ‘Jaws’ Legacy figures? Because that would probably be the coolest announcement Funko could possibly have up their sleeve to reveal this weekend!

Whether or not that’s the Shark from ‘Jaws’, it IS the crew of The Serenity and The Rocketeer, and they look fantastic! These figures are expected out this summer!

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(via TNI)