Marvel Studios has spent the last few years mastering the art of the ‘Summer Blockbuster’ and in doing such has also established themselves as the dominators of the action figure aisles each and every year! This year looks to be no different! Hasbro’s live press conference just went down this afternoon and there have been a ton of great new reveals for their Marvel Legends line!

First up is the previously announced line of Marvel Legends for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’! This is the second wave of ‘Avengers’ figures from the Marvel Legends Infinite line, and includes the previously revealed movie styled versions of Captain America, The Hulk, and Mark 43 Armor Iron Man, as well as the comic styled versions of Hellcat, Spider-Woman, Batrok the Leaper, and the Build-A-Figure of a comic book styled Thanos.

Hasbro also announced a third wave of ’Avengers’ branded Marvel Legends figures due out later in the year, which is set to include comic styled versions of Dr. Strange, Blizzard, Marvel Now Iron Man (Black & Gold), Thundra, and Valkyrie, while also including movie styled versions of War Machine and The Vision. The Build-A-Figure in this wave is set to be a movie-styled Hulkbuster Iron Man.

On top of all of these ‘Avengers’ figures, don’t forget Marvel also has ‘Ant-Man’ coming out later this summer, and an awesome wave of Marvel Legends to go along with him! Apparently Hasbro decided Ant-Man wasn’t big enough to completely carry his own line of movie figures, because while we’re getting a movie-styled figure of Ant-Man himself (including a tiny version of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket as a pack in), and maybe Wasp. Beyond that we’re looking at a bunch of cool new comic styled figures like Bulldozer, Tiger Shark, Grim Reaper, and Giant Man! This wave’s Build-A-Figure is actually one that’s missing from the previous two waves of figures- Ultron Prime! Yes, the Build-A-Figure for the ‘Ant-Man’ Marvel Legends Wave is the villain from Marvel’s OTHER big summer blockbuster. Go figure. We’re also looking to see a smaller 3.75” Ant-Man with a large Ant he can rid on in this series!


While he hasn’t quite stepped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, Hasbro at least has some plans for a Spider-Man themed wave of Marvel Legends figures as well! These comic book styled figures in this new wave of Spider-Man Marvel Legends includes Misty Knight, Ghostrider, Kraven the Hunter, Superior Venom, classic Scarlet Spider, and The Chameleon with an alternate J. Jonah Jameson head! The Build-A-Figure for this wave is set to be a comic-styled Rhino figure.

There are also a few new Marvel Legends Exclusive figures and figure sets coming our way! Both Toys R Us and Target are expected to be receiving exclusive Marvel Legends figure 3-packs; with the contents of the TRU 3-Pack unknown at this time and the Target 3-pack rumored to contain comic styled Ultron (new mold), a white version of ‘The Vision’, and either The Hulk or Dr. Green (we have conflicting reports from differentiating sources). The real winner here for exclusive figures though is definitely Amazon, as they’re set to have an exclusive figure 4-pack that includes new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ styled versions of Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the first ever 6” scale movie styled figure of Dr. Bruce banner (based on actor Mark Ruffalo).

We sincerely hope you’ve got lots of room on your display shelves, because a lot of these newly announced or confirmed figures from the Marvel Legends line are ‘must haves’ for your collection! These are all set to hit over the course of the next year, so hopefully they’ll be spreading the release time out a bit over the next few months!

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Source: MarvelousAFI