‘Killer Instinct’ for Xbox One will be getting a new fighter in the form of Omen, a spirit of rage, corruption and fear.

Announced on the ‘Killer Instinct’ forums, Omen is a brand new playable fighter in the new second season of content for the rebooted Xbox One exclusive ‘Killer Instinct’ fighting game series. Those familiar with the lore of the series will recognize Omen as the spirit who possessed series character Jago and turned him into Shadow Jago.

According to developer Iron Galaxy Studios, Omen will be one of the best zoning fighters in the second season of content for  ‘Killer Instinct.’ His move set will feature similar normals as Jago as well as some new ones of his own. He is also given the ability to maintain aerial movement, as well as have a shadow-powered ability to cancel any of his actions to turn into a shadow, and move a short distance towards any direction.

Despite being officially announced, all that has been shown so far of Omen is a little teaser showing off only a partial piece of his character model. According to the post on the ‘Killer Instinct’ forums, Iron Galaxy promises to reveal more about Omen next week.

The second season of ‘Killer Instinct’ is the newest wave of content hitting the rebooted fighting game that initially released as a launch title for the Xbox One. With the game itself and its first season of content being originally developed from the ground up by Double Helix Studios, the development duties of the second season was handed over to ‘Divekick’ developers Iron Galaxy Studios this time around.

‘Killer Instinct’ is available now for purchase as an exclusive title on Xbox One via Xbox Live. A physical retail release featuring the first season batch of content has also been released as well. Source: Killer Instinct Forums