There’s little question that over the last few years, DC Entertainment has been dominating the small screen with hit after hit! Between ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Gotham’ and ‘Constantine,’ DC’s television series have been some of the greatest success stories of ‘comic-to-film’ adaptations in recent history (especially when you look back at some of their older attempts like ‘JLA’ or ‘Birds of Prey’).  Of course, with every good television series comes a ton of cool merchandise based on it for all of us collectors to gobble up! The team over at DC Collectibles has anticipated our need for awesome new products based on our favorite DC Entertainment series, so they’re bringing it right to us late this year!

First up we’ve got a whole new wave of figures from DC’s major success story ‘Arrow’! This new wave of figures is set to include most of the members of “Team Arrow” that we haven’t already received, including Diggle, Felicity, and Arsenal! These figures are expected to retail for $24.99 each.
Next up we’ve got an all new Captain Cold figure fresh from his appearances on the first season of ‘The Flash’! This is only the second figure we’ve seen from ‘The Flash,’ so we’re hoping that more show up over the weekend yet! Many people are holding out hope for Reverse Flash and Heatwave to round out some of the characters from the new hit series! Captain Cold is expected to retail for $24.99.
If action figures aren’t your thing, then DC Collectibles still might have something cool for you in the form of prop replicas! If you’re a fan of ‘The Flash’, then perhaps you’d be interested in this replica of Reverse Flash’s Ring? It’s nice and shiny, just like the one on the series, and is expected to be sold in a ‘one size fits most’ fashion in case you intended to wear it. It’s expected to retail around $34.99.
Finally, for those fans of ‘Constantine,’ DC Collectibles has a replica of Dr. Fate’s helmet, ‘The Helmet of Nabu’. This piece is for serious collectors only, as it’s a full sized replica item and is expected to retail for a whipping $499.95! That’s a serious chunk of change for a replica of an item that only made a brief appearance on the series, but for ’Constantine’ fans (or Dr. Fate fans in general), it’s well worth the price!
All of these items are expected to be hitting the market around October of 2015, so be  sure to keep your eyes peeled for them this fall!
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(via ToyArk)