About a month ago we let you know that Neill Blomkamp (‘Chappie‘,’Elysium‘) had been working on a concept for an ‘Alien’ movie and now it sounds like it could actually happen! When he was first talking about it he had shared some really amazing concept art with us. He had also stated at the time that he “aas working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though” which sounded as if his idea wasn’t going to be going anywhere.

My how things change when the Internet seems to strongly rally all around the idea of bringing Sigourney Weaver back to one of her most outstanding roles of all time!

While promoting ‘Chappie,’ Blomkamp was asked about this ‘Alien’ concept film and what made him create the art for it. His answer actually was a bit more telling on the potential of a film actually happening!

“There was a reason. I wanted to make that film. I still may make that film. [Laughs] It may happen. But I did it on my own time. Like when Chappie was winding down in post and I had available time, I started to work on it. It was also from talking to Sigourney [Weaver] during the making of this. I mean, I asked her about Alien all the time. Alien and Aliens are my favorite films. So I genuinely wanted to make that film, I came up with the story, I came up with way more art than I put out and I never officially spoke to Fox about it, but Fox wanted to make it. So, I kind of touched on it and I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t know if I was just gonna go leave directing for a whole bunch of time and then I was like, ‘I might as well put some art out.’ But I may make it. I don’t know. That’s where it stands.”

If that is all accurate, it shows that “Fox wanted to make it” even though he hadn’t spoken with them about it. If this still holds tru,e we could end up seeing a Blomkamp lead an ‘Alien’ film in our future! With the universe already having expanded to involve the aliens and concepts from ‘Prometheus,’ there are a lot of ways this could go.

I, for one, am all about more Aliens and Space Marines. What are your thoughts on Blomkamp getting a chance to continue the ‘Alien’ franchise?

Source: Collider