There aren’t too many ‘Supernatural’ episodes that are as uneventful, straightforward yet as meaningful to the psyche of our characters as this week’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’.

It starts innocent enough with two college kids, Billy and Janet, using Trini (the ‘Supernatural’verse’s equivalent of Siri) to get some tacos. As it leads the couple with obscure and incorrect directions, it’s quite apparent that Trini has other plans. It barks for Janet to hop out of the car and when she does, makes sure Billy’s not able to do so. Once the doors lock, his fate is sealed, and the runaway truck drives him off the bridge and to his death.

The Winchesters set fire to the pickup they believe is housing the ghost

As far as the Winchesters go, Castiel’s on Cain duty and, aside from the lukewarm trail the angel has discovered, riverboat gambling may be his most surprising discovery yet (if only we could’ve seen this onscreen development). Dean’s tired of waiting around though and when he gets wind of the runaway, possessed pickup, it’s right in this hunter’s ballpark. They make their way to the college campus to speak to Janet, the survivor of the crash. The only nugget of information she’s able to give them is that Billy’s had an older brother, Joey, who died overseas and did not get along with Billy. It just so happens that the pickup in question belonged to Joey. When they check out the wreckage and find ectoplasm splattered all over the seats, they burn the truck, in effect closing the case.

Not so fast, my friends.

Julia, roommate of the red head Delilah, becomes the second casualty when an online “friend” strikes up a conversation with her, brings up ‘810’ and strangles her with a laptop cord. The brothers return to the college, much to Dean’s pleasure. After getting an even greater purview of the college campus—a veritable treasure trove of decadence to Dean—and interviewing Delilah, Sam takes to hacking into Julia’s computer and finds evidence of the online conversation. With only ‘810’ as a clue, they take to visiting a neighboring house with that address and find a woman cleaning up flowers placed where her husband, Andrew Silver, died in a single car accident. When she mentions seeing a redhead girl dropping off flowers, the Winchesters return to the college but not before Kyle, one of Delilah’s friend has his fate decided by decibel, brains liquefied by obscenely loud speakers.

Dean stays behind to protect Delilah from the ghostly Andrew Silver

Knowing she’s next, Delilah tells the brothers the story of Silver’s accident. She was a passenger in the car along with Kyle, Julia, and Billy (who was driving). When Andrew swerved to avoid the pickup, he crashed into a pole and was fried by falling wires. The four friends left Silver to his fate and now he’s a ghost, traversing the wi-fi waves, trolling for vengeance against those he perceived as taking his life. Sam gathers the wi-fi info by looking over the accident while Dean keeps the terrified Delilah at bay. The co-ed’s having a tough time with the past and feels the guilt of her actions. Dean commiserates, acknowledging his own failures. How does one get through it though? “I do my best to make things right,” he tells her. “Whatever that may be.”

Their moment is interrupted when wi-fi Andrew tracks them down. Dean leads them to the basement where, theoretically no wi-fi can reach but of course someone’s left their phone down there and the ghostly Mr. Silver is ready to enact his revenge. Thinking fast, Dean texts the danger to Sam who puts Mrs. Silver on FaceTime. She’s known for some time that her husband’s ghost has been back but it was never for her: it was always for revenge. She’s able to reach her husband’s ghost, pleading with him to let go. He does just that and vanishes into the ether.

As Delilah pays a visit to the widowed Mrs. Silver to make amends, Dean finds his own solace. “My peace is helping people, working cases. That’s all I want to do.” Sam believes Dean is giving up on the Mark but, taking his brother’s suggestion from a few weeks’ back, Dean tells him:

“The answer is not out there. It’s with me. I need to be the one calling the shots here. I can’t keep waking up every morning with this false hope, I gotta know where I stand, otherwise I’m gonna lose my freaking mind.

So I’m gonna fight it, until I can’t fight it anymore. And when all is said and done, I’ll go down swinging.”

Saving people, hunting things have been the Winchester mantra from the beginning. But another part of that is never to give up, to always fight the good fight. Dean’s moment of clarity is a reminder to this lynchpin as it pertains to the last decade of ‘Supernatural.’