We’ve had a bit of a hiatus with Once Upon A Time, but it’s returning in full swing, with only 4 episodes left until the finale. There has been some issues with having a lot of filler episodes, but the teasers look like we’re finally going to start getting some answers, and probably starting to ask some new questions.

I’m excited to see we’re kicking things off with a Rumplestiltskin episode, who is still by far my favorite character. What questions do you have for his character?

Story Time

Rumplestiltskin’s son Baelfire strikes fear into the villagers, as everyone knows how powerful he is by association. Rumplestiltskin changes a man who accidentally hurt his son into a snail for hurting him. He then proceeds to smash the snail with his boot, despite his son’s protests.

Rumplestiltskin tries to heal Baelfire, who refuses his magic. He is upset with him for hurting people all the time. Bael tries to tell him to get rid of the power, but he knows that there isn’t any other way without the death of his father. Bael says he wants his father. Rumplestiltskin is all he wants is his sons happiness, so if he finds a way he will do it.

In the woods, children play where Rumplestiltskin leaves Baelfire. The children run away from him, knowing his father and how he harms people. Bael sits on a log, when a girl approaches him from behind. She doesn’t fear his father. An ancient being that rules the night is who she recommends for help. Rumplestiltskin is sad that none of his friends would say hello. Bael notices new stains on the boots, Rumplestiltskin tells him he killed the maid.

Bael goes to see the ancient being, who is the blue fairy. She says she can help, she is on the right side of magic. Bael tells her of Rumplestiltskin. She tells him that she can send him to a place where magic is no good. They can leave the realm they are in that he will return to normal. She tosses him a magic bean, the last one known to their kind. They will need to follow it wherever it leads them.

Rumplestiltskin spins wool. Bael tells him that he found a way to change things back. Rumpletstiltskin says that he would be weak, Bael begs him to keep his promise. “You made a deal with me. Are you backing out?” “No.”

Rumplestiltskin questions the new world as Bael leads them. A vortex opens, which Rumplestiltskin says will rip them apart. Bael tells them its the only way they would be together. Bael falls through the vortex, but Rumplestiltskin stays behind. He sobs for Bael.

Rumplestiltskin calls upon the blue fairy. “You will never make it to that world, she tells him. “Of course you would think of it as a curse rather than a blessing” Rumplestiltskin says, “I will do nothing else, I will love nothing else. I will find a way. You took my son, and I will get him back” “You drove him away” He screams that he will find his son.

Real Time

August tosses and turns in bed. Rolls out of bed, seeming like he is in pain or cannot feel his legs. Calls someone, saying he needs to accelerate the plan. Later on, meets with Henry by  the downtown area explaining to him what the plan will be to get Emma to believe. Henry goes into Mr. Gold’s store, saying he wants to buy a gift for Mary Margaret since she didn’t kill Kathryn. August sneaks in the back while Henry distracts Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold catches him sneaking around, asking what he is doing in the office. August claims to be looking for some maps. Mr. Gold is confused by his actions.

Dr. Whale looks over Kathryn, who says she was in a basement. She woke up in a field, walked into town from there. She was apparently drugged. Someone must have doctored the DNA results to show as Kathryns heart. Regina is angry with Mr. Gold for backing out of their deal. Something tragic was to happen, but not a murder. Regina realizes that everything is going to lead to her, calling Mr. Gold a bastard. She points out that Mr. Gold created everything, that they have been in this together. She wants to know why he is suddenly against her. He tells her that she is smart, figure it out.

David goes to see Kathryn in the hospital, who is asleep. He goes to kiss her head, waking her up. She says its good to see him. He apologizes for everything. But she doesn’t blame him. He calls her amazing, and she agrees that she is. There is a welcome home party for Mary Margaret. Henry glares at Mr. Gold. August explains that it wasn’t so bad getting caught. Henry gives Mary a gift, then leaves to go home, but walking out the door David is there. Emma stops him from going in, telling David to take Henry home. Mr. Gold approaches Emma, who asks if he had anything to do with Kathryn’s reappearance. Mr Gold asks about August, and if she trusts him. She says that if she can trust Mr. Gold, she can trust August.

Mr. Gold breaks into August’s room in Granny’s hotel. He examines the typewriter and a donkey figurine. Under the figurine is a drawing of the dagger with Rumplestiltskins name on it.

Emma sees Sidney in the diner. She confronts him about the about the bug in the tulips. Emma realizes that Sidney is in love with Regina. Emma tells him he can either help her and help himself or help Regina and go down with her. August hops on his motorcycle and drives off, Mr. Gold follows him in his car.

Mr. Gold goes and sees Mother Superior, who August had just gone to see. He threatens her with a raise in the rent, so she tells him that August had come to talk to her about how he tracked down his father there, but they haven’t met yet. Difficult separation.

David waits for Mary, who ignores him. He apologizes for not staying with her. “It’s like something in this world doesn’t want us together”. She describes it as poison. She doesn’t want the good memories poisoned by the bad ones. She knows that he’s sorry. He says that he loves her.  “And thats what makes it all so sad.”

Mr. Gold knocks on Archie’s door. Archie asks if he is there for the rent, which baffles Mr. Gold that this is what everyone asks of him. He goes into the office, to tell him about August, that he has a son, that there was conflict when he had separated in the son. Mr Gold thinks that he might still be very angry. He thinks that he is here to try and kill him. “I let him go. And I’ve spent my entire life since trying to fix it, and now he’s here. I just don’t know what to do.” Archie tells him to be honest and to ask for forgiveness. Mr. Gold approaches August outside. He says that he knows who he is, and what he is looking for. “Well then, I guess all the lying can stop… Papa”

Mr. Gold tells August that he shouldn’t have left him behind. He should have stayed with him. He triest to convince him that he has spent every waking moment searching for him. He begs him to be the bigger man and forgive him. He apologizes to him, calling him in his beautiful boy. He says, “I forgive you, Papa.” Mr. Gold realizes that August was looking for the knife to which August replies, “I believed if you still had it, you would still be the same.” They unbury the knife, which Mr. Gold had buried when Emma came to town. Mr. Gold tells him to destroy it. “I chose it once, now I choose you.” August holds it up to Mr. Gold. August says the chant to control the dark one, Mr. Gold realizes its not his son.

Mr. Gold tells him how his son would know that there is no magic in this world. “I needed you to work for it.” He knows that they are from the same world. “Who told you about me and the knife” “A little fairy” “So why take the risk” “Because I’ll die anyway” “I’m sick and I need magic.” Mr. Gold says that Emma trusts him, so it might be true love. He lets him live “This way, I might get something out of it”

Emma walks into her office to find Regina there. “Congratulations, Sheriff Swan. There is about to be a break in your case. You’re about to get a confession.” Regina calls in Sidney. Sidney confesses everything. Emma doesn’t believe him, but he produces evidence. Emma calls her for a private meeting. Emma says she’s about to start playing an entirely different game All she cares about is what happens to her kid, and that Regina is going to lose Henry. Emma says she is taking back Henry.

So I honestly thought that we had another painfully obvious reveal with August being the son of Mr. Gold, but I’m very happy with the twist. But I still want to know who he is. Do you think we’ll get the answer by the end of this season?

There are only 3 episodes left of this season, what questions do you want answered? What did you think of the previews for the rest of this season? It looks like Emma might actually catch Regina, do you think it will happen?

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