Yet another wave of screenshots of Avalanche Studios’ ‘Just Cause 3’ have hit the net, and to nobody’s surprise, there are quite a few explosions in them.

Square Enix has yet to issue these screenshots officially, but they have recently surfaced ahead of embargo through a NeoGAF thread.

In the screenshots below, you can find ‘Just Cause 3’ protagonist Rico Rodriguez hijacking a jet in mid-flight, dragging around explosive barrels in a sports car, hook shotting onto a helicopter and even  skydiving in a wing suit. The images also showcase the upcoming game’s warm and bright locations laced with an explosion or two every other shot or so.

Ever since its announcement via Game Informer cover back in November, very little has been shown of ‘Just Cause 3’ outside of the occasional batch of screenshots. From the looks of it, developer Avalanche Studios looks to be keeping gamers at arm’s length for the time being.

‘Just Cause 3’ takes place several years after the end of ‘Just Cause 2’, and has players taking control of series protagonist Rico Rodriguez yet again. Set in the fictional Mediterranean archipelago of Medici, Rico is tasked with eliminating an evil dictator by the name of General Di Ravello, and dismantling the control of his brutal regime.

For those who might not know it, ‘Just Cause 3’ is the newest entry in the long running ‘Just Cause’ game series that first began life back in 2006, when its first entry was released for PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Among gamers, the series has garnered a cult following, specifically ‘Just Cause 2’, due to its explosive open world gameplay and its active modding community implementing additional features to the game, such as multiplayer, custom vehicles and weapons.

‘Just Cause 3’ is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC sometime in 2015. 

Source: NeoGAF