Indie devs OSome Studio have announced that their noir-influenced survival horror game ‘White Night’ will be releasing on March 3.

Set in Boston during the 1930s, ‘White Night’ is a game that revolves around the living nightmare of a man, who after being stranded and injured from a car crash at night, is trapped in a dangerous old family manor where being consumed in darkness can mean certain death.

‘White Night’ is touting itself as an “old-school survival horror adventure” that features a black and white noir visual style. Alongside it is also a strong emphasis on puzzle gameplay that revolves around the use of light in order for the main character to survive.

“We wanted to create something that people would enjoy, but also something that would stand out as unusual and refreshing in today’s survival horror landscape,” OSome Studio co-founder and creative director Ronan Coiffec said in a post on the PlayStation Blog. “That meant revisiting the themes that made classic horror games like the original ‘Alone in the Dark’ so gripping: mature storytelling, strong characters, compelling environments, and equal respect for tension and terror. White Night is a good old ghost story full of mystery, poetry, alchemy and suspense.”

According to Coiffec, in order to gain inspiration for the title, him and his team drew from jazz music from the era, as well as classic black-and-white film. They even went as far as to rent out a mansion in Normandy for a week in order to gather reference and immerse themselves in the setting of the game.

‘White Night’ is being developed by OSome Studio, a small independent dev team founded by industry veterans  Ronan Coiffec, Domenico Albani and Matthieu Fremont. The title will be their first project as a studio.

‘White Night’ will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC on March 3. 

Source: PlayStation Blog