Nordic Games has confirmed that a remastered version of Vigil Games’ ‘Darksiders 2’ will be coming to the PS4.

Speculation of the release first began when listings appeared on Amazon advertising a PS4 version of ‘Darksiders 2’ under the price tag of $40. However, it was not known whether or not the information was legitimate until a report by Gamespot confirmed that Nordic Games would be bringing the action RPG to Sony’s current generation console. The remaster will be titled ‘Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition.’

Released back in August 2012, ‘Darksiders 2’ was met with warm critical response. It saw a release on Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC. A Wii U version followed as a launch title for the system in November 2012.

With their only being two entries in the ‘Darksiders’ series, it was actually destined for more potential entries. But when its publisher THQ filed for bankruptcy, the series IP was put up for auction eventually being purchased alongside a few other THQ properties by Nordic Games, a Swedish publisher headquartered in Austria whose core portfolio comprises of properties acquired from Dreamcatcher Entertainment and JoWooD Entertainment.

The developers behind ‘Darksiders 2’ was Vigil Games, a studio formed by comic book artist Joe Madureira and game designer David L. Adams. Founded in 2005, the studio’s work had exclusively been on the ‘Darksiders’ series. However, when THQ’s studios and properties were put up for auction, the studio had received no bids, which subsequently resulted in their closure on January 23, 2013.

Ever since the ‘Darksiders’ IP had been acquired by Nordic Games, it had been unclear whether or not the series would ever continue. Those who worked on the series previously have reassured that the series would live on. Back in May 2014, Joe Madureira stated on his Facebook that the series “is not dead!!!” and that “the new owner, Nordic, seems very committed to continuing the series.”

‘Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition’ does not have an official release date yet but is confirmed to be coming for the PS4. As of writing, it is not clear if it will be available on any other consoles. 

Source: AmazonGamespot, Facebook