With Corin Hardy now in the director’s chair, one might wonder about the direction of ‘The Crow’ reboot film. Wonder no more! Hardy was recently asked about the film at a press conference for ‘The Hallow’ and had some details to share about it:

“It’s still early days on that but what I can say for now is that I’m a huge, huge fan of both the first film and James O’Barr’s graphic novel. I was obsessed with THE CROW when I was growing up. When I heard about the remake, what I thought could be very interesting today, 20 years later, especially with this whole Marvel Universe that’s happened, is that the Crow always stood as an outsider to me. I kind of felt he would be the right character for me if I got the chance to do it. And now that I have gotten the chance to do it, I’m very much going back to the graphic novel, particularly looking into the illustrations themselves as much as the story, and picking out all those beautiful ideas and details that haven’t really been used yet.”

Fans of the original graphic novels may have loved the movie but also know exactly how much of O’Barr’s work was changed or cut out. There is a lot of material that they could use and it looks as if Hardy, like F. Javier Gutierrez before him, wants to take advantage of it.

Hardy also went into detail on what kind of a tone that the film would have now that other comic movies are out and dominating the box office:

“I also want to open the story up in such a way that the Crow is now part of a world where there are the Marvel movies and the DARK KNIGHT movies. I intend it to be incredibly emotional and brutal, and all the things you’d want from a CROW film. I want to make a movie that I would have wanted to see, as a huge fan of ‘The Crow.”

Sounds like he is trying to take it in the right direction and I’m interested to see how this comes together. Well, folks, what are your thoughts on a new take on ‘The Crow’? With all the unused source material looking to be incorporated do you think we’re in store for a good movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Fangoria