A load of brand new gameplay footage of the upcoming ‘Pokémon’ fighting game ‘Pokkén Tournament’ have recently aired on Japanese TV.

The first video of the footage above features a bout between Pikachu and Lucario andshows off quite a chunk of fan pleasing moments with Lucario going Mega evolution mid-battle and Pikachu fighting back with a flurry of electrical attacks. However, the second and third videos below shows off battles between Pikachu and Gardevoir, as well as Sucuine and Machamp.  To say the least, both are packed with some tense close calls. Regardless, if you are curious who wins in each, then it’s best you check them out and see for yourself.

Initially announced during a special broadcast in Japan back in August 2014, ‘Pokkén Tournament’ is an arcade fighting game based on the popular monster collecting RPG series. The premise is simple, fighters take control of a wide variety of famous Pokémon and square off in a one on one battle. So far, the confirmed roster consists of Lucario, Pikachu, Suicune, Machamp and Gardevoir.

‘Pokkén Tournament’ is the product of a collaboration between Bandai Namco Games and The Pokémon Company. Its development is being headed by two fighting game developer veterans, ‘Tekken’ series producer Katsuhiro Harada and ‘Soulcalibur’ producer Masaaki Hoshino.

Despite its fighting game premise, ‘Pokkén Tournament’s’ developers will be focusing on keeping the title’s accessibility wide ranging with gameplay revolving more around action as opposed to the more technical gameplay seen in titles like ‘Tekken’ and ‘Street Fighter’.

“Whether you are a causal player, a regular player, or a hardcore player, anyone who likes Pokémon can have fun,” Harada commented about the title’s accessibility during  its initial announcement.

Currently, ‘Pokkén Tournament’ is only planned as a release for Japanese arcades sometime in 2015. As of writing, there has been no word on the possibility of a release for the Western market or on consoles in general.

‘Pokkén Tournament’ will be releasing for Japanese arcades sometime in 2015.