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There is lots of news coming out for ‘The Huntsman‘ which is the follow up to Universal’s 2012 hit ‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘. From a change in director’s, casting, and some interesting news on what direction the film might be taking as it comes together. The film is set to revolve around Chris Hemsworth’s character and doesn’t appear to have Kristen Stewart returning as Snow White.

First up, it seems like the director’s chair has been hastily switched around for the film. Celebrated director Frank Darabont has pulled out of the movie due to “creative differences” with the studio and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has come on board to take care of the film moving forward. Cedric was the second-unit director and visual effects supervisor of the original film so has experience with the actors and film already.

We had originally had hints that ‘The Huntsman’ would be a prequel film and this makes sense to explain why Stewart won’t be returning as Snow White. So the casting of Emily Blunt as the lead actress seems to be set to give us the story of the Queen and Huntsman initially meeting one another and how their relationship developed. While last we had heard Charlize Theron is set to reprise her role as Queen Ravenna, it seems that Blunt is set to take the role of Ravenna’s sister. Will there be a little sisterly rivalry for the Huntsman’s attention as part of the plot? If this is a prequel will we see Blunt’s character die off in the film as she wasn’t in the sequel or will she have left for another part of the world?

All I can say is that with an April 22nd, 2016 release date the production of the film had better be moving forward soon.

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