Last week the gang got back together under some interesting (and explosive) circumstances. Will they get back to work as normal? I think not – they’re Alphas. Nothing is normal for Alphas.

Warning Spoilers ahead!

C. Thomas Howell is taking a walk in the rain. This isn’t your typical Gene Kelly though – everything has stopped around him and the rain falls slow like a dream. In actuality everything is normal – he’s moving at super speed. He darts into a restaurant and abducts a guy.

Cut to Hicks (oh myyyyy) in bed with… (Holy Frak!) Dani! I didn’t see that one coming. I knew there was a rift between Cameron and Nina but Dani wasn’t even on my radar! It makes sense if she’s working with Parish. She can not only get info out of her dad but now Cam.

Dr. Rosen gets to the office to find pandemonium a la Gary. Someone ate his pudding. There are a whole lot of new people in the office but when are people going to learn – don’t touch Gary’s stuff!

Dr. Rosen gets to work reviewing the derailment footage. He believes, without a doubt, that Parish is somehow behind it. (Good call Doc. Follow your gut.) Bill, however, interrupts with a possible case; a man was apparently abducted from a restaurant.

The team heads out to investigate. While reviewing video footage, Gary sees a man walking against the signals. It looks like a blur to everyone else but he’s definitely not using the signals properly. Rachel’s able to pick up the guy’s scent and tracks him to a fish market where they find him dead in a freezer. (brrrr)

Back at the office – Bill gets a hit on the prints from the screwdriver that was used to kill the victim.  They match a guy named Eli – a former Binghampton building 7 inmate. (Ahhh so this season will be a round-up storyline? The Alpha of the week will be some poor inmate that made it out during the first episode. Not original but it could sustain the story arc for a season.) Eli suffers from an enlarged brain-pan which accelerates his metabolism giving him super speed. The downside (because every Alpha has an Achilles Heel) is rapid aging. Bill already has agents bringing in the victim’s wife for questioning then orders Hicks and Rachel to look at incident reports. (Bill stepped up to take charge in Rosen’s absence – I don’t think he got the memo that the Doc is back and running things again.)

Hicks and Nina share an awkward moment in the kitchen until Gary interrupts telling Hicks to check his text messages. Gary is instant and begins reading them allowed. Lucky for Hicks Nina left the room before she hears they’re from Dani.

Dr. Rosen is concerned for Nina as he watches her hang a real Van Gough in her office. She’s showing up late and her “pushing” is out of control. Rosen warns her to pull it together.

Even with all of the new office distractions, Gary is able to find a similar crime involving the distinctive blur.  In fact, one just happened so they may be able to save this victim!

They find Eli threatening a guy with a knife. Hicks gets his mojo working and shoots the knife out of Eli’s hand. Eli tries to zip out but Bill supes up his adrenaline and takes off after him. Alas, Bill runs out of gas and Eli gets away. (Good try Bill. I like that he’s using his adrenaline kick for something more than strength.)

Later at the hospital – Dr. Rosen is questioning victims. He learns that the guy was on a team that ran experimental treatments on children. (Kids… rabbits… it’s all the same to evil scientists.)

Cut to Dani using her Alpha ability to ease the suffering of an elderly woman. Stanton Parish is on the other side of the bed. The old woman is the last of his 30+ grand children. (What is the deal with Parish? He’s eluded to being very old on several occasions but they need to get to his back story!)  Conversationally, Parish asks Dani about her dad and Hicks.  He warns her to be careful emotionally. Dr. Rosen should be her focus, not Hicks.

Later, Dani breaks it to Cameron; they just can’t be together. He needs to understand that it’s her ability forcing him to like her. (Ouch!)

Back at the office – Bill wants the doctor (the kidnapped doc not Rosen) thrown into jail for experimenting on kids. Rosen agrees but argues that they can use him as bait to catch Eli.

Later, Nina extends an olive branch to Hicks. She wants to patch things up and try it again. She knows that “pushing” him wasn’t right and she regrets it. Cameron drops the bomb that he’s in a relationship with someone else. Bomb is right! Nina explodes! When Cameron refuses to tell her who he’s seeing she “pushes” it out of him! (And so we witness Nina going over the deep end.)

Hicks, Bill and Gary stake out the doctor’s apartment hoping to catch Eli. Gary spills the beans about Dani. Understandably, Kicks doesn’t want to talk about it.

Back at the office – Rachel is worried; she can’t get Nina on the phone. Rosen thinks Nina just needs time. As Rachel is leaving something whizzes by her. She just shakes it off. (Really?! Really Rachel? You’ve got a guy that speeds around in a blur AND you’ve gotten heightened senses but you aren’t going to stop and say “what was that? Maybe I should look around?”) Eli stops in Dr. Rosen’s office. He’s beyond upset. He pleads with Dr. Rosen to make it stop. He doesn’t want to be old. As usual Rosen promises that he will do all he can.

Rachel joins the guy at the stake out. She lays into Hicks about Dani. It occurs to her and the others that something isn’t right so they decide to head back to the office.

Eli recognizes a picture of Parish on Rosen’s desk. Parish was in charge of the clinic. Meanwhile, Dani arrives at the office. She’s able to call Cameron before Eli stops her.

When the team finally arrives at the office they find Dani tied up and Rosen gone.

Eli forces Rosen to drive to the old clinic. Rosen tries to calm Eli but gives it to him straight – they can’t reverse the process but they might be able to slow it. The team arrives to help Rosen.  In the madness Dani is able to get her hands on Eli, slowing him. There’s a shot and Eli takes a bullet to the back.

Later at the office – Rosen doesn’t believe it was an accident. (Who would?!)

Dani meets with Parish. She can’t give up Cameron; she wants to be with him. Parish relents that she deserves to be happy but she needs to be careful. (Does this seem fishy to anyone else?)

Later – the team has a meeting (sans Nina). Behind closed doors Rosen tells the team that while they will continue to support Agent Clay they have an alternate objective. He posts a picture of Stanton Parish on the wall. The only people he can trust are in the room.

At the hospital – Parish lovingly kisses his granddaughter then suffocates her to death. (See! The man is a total sociopath!!)

The episode ends with Rosen finding Nina in a bar. (How the frak does he do that?!) Nina resigns with an “FYI Hicks is nailing your daughter.” She doesn’t want to hear any more of Rosen’s “peace, love and control” crap so she “pushes” him to stop talking.

Well how about that… the Alpha of the week gets us all looking over there while Parish kills his own granddaughter?! And Nina?! Is this her Achilles Heel or is she just going kookoo?


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