It appears the 10% off PlayStation Store discount that Sony promised after the DDoS attack on the PlayStation Network during the holidays will finally be taking place this weekend.

The discount will be valid from January 23 9AM PT/12PM ET to January 26 9AM PT/12PM ET, and will work on an entire cart purchase on the PlayStation Store rather than a single item. So anyone looking to buy in bulk will have some good luck through this weekend. However, the deal is only a one-time thing, so be sure to use the discount wisely.

Unfortunately, just as all discounts often go, some exclusions do apply. Sony has stated that the discount will not be working on digital pre-orders or subscription purchases of PlayStation Plus, Music Unlimited, PlayStation Now and video rental content.

According to Sony’s Sid Shuman, the discount code itself will be published on to the PlayStation Blog in the next coming days. So be sure to bookmark it in case you haven’t already.

On the other side of the apology rewards, the extra five days of PlayStation Plus that Sony promised is currently being rolled out now. Customers who qualify will be receiving an email in the coming days with a confirmation of details regarding the extension.

The 10% off discount and PlayStation Plus extension both come as a response to the three day PlayStation Network outage during the holidays, which was the result of a cyber attack  by infamous hacker group known as The Lizard Squad. The hacker group claimed the attack was to raise awareness regarding the low state of computer security at companies like Sony and Microsoft.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has rolled out rewards to consumers for enduring attacks on the PlayStation Network. To rewards those who survived the huge network breach back in 2011, the company gave out a variety of free games for both PS3 and PSP.

The PlayStation Store discount will be taking place this weekend January 23 to January 26.