It’s every gamer’s dream become a reality! A real life Turret straight from the Aperture Science labs as seen in the popular video game ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’. The major difference you’ll notice between this real version of the Turret, and the one seen in game, is that this one is a soft and cuddly plush that you can snuggle up with an enjoy for all of it’s demented commentary! But is the officially licensed Portal 2 Turrest Plush worth picking up? Let’s take a look at it!

First off, yes, this thing is awesome. Just taking a look at it from a distance, it’s clear that the design team over at ThinkGeek went all out to make sure this thing was as close as possible to the design from the game, while still being a soft and enjoyable plush toy! The Turret itself is life-sized to a 1:1 scale, so it stands around 14.5″ tall! It features built in lights and sounds too! So when you see this glowing red eye in the center of your Turret, you can tell that the Turret is really just telling you how much it cares!

As if being a cuddly plush with built in lighting wasn’t enough, don’t forget that this Portal 2 Plush Turret also talks! It’s motion sensitive, so you won’t have to worry about pressing any buttons to make it speak (although you do have to turn on an initial ‘on’ switch). The Turret here loudly speaks 11 key phrases from the game, including-

“Target acquired.”
“There you are.”
“I see you.”
“Preparing to dispense product.”
“Critical error.”
“Shutting down.”
“I don’t hate you.”
“Hey, hey, hey.”
“Are you still there?”

To top it all off, it can tell the difference of whether it’s standing or knocked over, and will shout key game phrases depending on it’s position! If it get’s lonely and feels like you’re not paying any attention to it, it even asks inquisitively, “Are you still there?”. It’s like having an adorable little pet that you never have to feed or pay any real attention to!

The Portal 2 Plush Turret functions on 3 AAA batteries, which are incerted into a battery pack in the bottom of the Turret and aren’t generally included. The tag says it isn’t recommended for users under 8 years of age.

Overall, as a fan of ‘Portal’ video game series, I really enjoy this guy! He’s a really fun little prop replica from the game, the voice-work for the sounds sounds like it’s straight out of the game’s audio files, and his glowing eye is adorable! It’s the perfect addition to any gamer’s living room or bedroom setup. Plus, as it’s motion activated, it will let you know if anyone is entering the room (depending on where you have it set up), which can be helpful! We highly recommend the Portal 2 Plush Turret! Snag your own from here!