It seems that the piles of money that ‘Ouija‘ was able to pull in at the box office has been inspiring enough for Platinum Dunes to unsurprisingly greenlight ‘Ouija 2.’

Money talks.

Recently Andrew Form and Brad Fuller who are two thirds of the head honchos over at Platinum Dunes sat down for an interview and when asked what was in store from the studio in the near future Fuller let us all know the bad news that:

“Ouija 2″ is coming.”

Of course when a horror film made on a shoestring budget pulls in around $85 million at the box office in worldwide sales you really can’t expect anything less these days. Hey, at least it’s not another shaky cam movie.

The premise of the first was simple enough and easy to translate into another film starring either similar cast members or a whole new set of teenagers without losing much. Not that there was much to do. In the first film we saw a group of friends who tried to contact one of their recently departed through a Ouija board and things went wrong rather quickly from there.

I think it would probably benefit the film entirely if they moved on with a new cast so that if this does turn into a franchise, there are new events happening in each film. I mean being haunted by demons doesn’t have to be so dull as the first film made it out to be.

No word on returning stars, screenwriters, or directors at this point but we’ll be sure to share more of this tragic production with you as news becomes available.

Am I wrong on this and are you looking forward to a follow up to ‘Ouija’ or should the production company reinvested its money into an entirely new film and not a rehash of the first one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend