Techland recently revealed Be the Zombie mode, a cooperative/competitive multiplayer mode for their open world zombie survival game ‘Dying Light.’

Be the Zombie mode is a 4v1 multiplayer mode where one player controls a grotesque “night hunter” zombie with tendrils who must hunt down four human players who are working cooperatively against them. The mode seems to share some slight similarities to the upcoming ‘Evolve,’ in that it features a 4v1 competitive setup with one player taking on the role of a powerful creature that can also advance down a skill tree to make it more powerful as rounds progress.

The mode itself can only be accessed at launch by those who preorder the game. As of writing, it is unclear when zombie mode will be made available to everyone else or if it will be made available for free or as a paid piece of DLC.

‘Dying Light’ is being developed by Techland, the studio mostly known for their work on the ‘Dead Island’ and “Call of Juarez’ series. The game boasts a day-night cycle that alters the pace of gameplay due to zombies being slow during the day but more fast and ferocious at night.

Another highlight of ‘Dying Light’s’ gameplay is its fusion of ‘Mirror’s Edge’-like first person freerunning type mechanics with the open world first person melee focused gameplay seen in ‘Dead Island.’

Announced back in May 2013, ‘Dying Light’ was delayed from its initial 2014 release timeframe to February 2015. However, its release date was changed again and pushed forward to January 27 instead. The game was also even supposed to release on older generation consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. But those versions were cancelled due to Techland believing that the title would not be able to run properly on those platforms.

‘Dying Light’ will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on January 27.