Retro-styled point-and-click adventure game publisher Wadjet Eye Games has announced a brand new cyberpunk thriller called ‘Technobabylon’

Developed by indie developer Technorat Games, ‘Technobabylon’ is a retro-styled 2D point-and-click adventure game that takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future in 2087 where genetic engineering is the norm, and an addictive substance known as Trance has replaced nearly all need for human interaction. At the center of this world is an AI named Central that powers the city and runs a police force called CEL who are tasked with keeping tabs on its citizens. ‘Technobabylon’ tells the story of three characters as they find themselves thrown into a series of conspiracies that will change their lives forever.

So far, Wadjet Eye Games has only revealed one of three playable characters, a geneticist and CEL case specialist named Dr. Charlie Regis, who finds the troubles of his past catching up with him 20 years after the death of his wife. The game’s other two characters, a jobless agoraphobe named Latha Sesame, and Charlie’s CEL partner named Dr. Max Lao, are expected to be further expanded upon in the coming months.

Originally ‘Technobabylon’ started out life as an eight episode series of freeware games, of which three were released, by Technorat’s James Dearden. However, with the help of publisher Wadjet Eye Games, ‘Technobabylon’ was then been revamped for commercial release with all-new adjustments to its gameplay based on player feedback on the game’s previously released episodes. The commercial release will also feature pixel art by Ben Chandler, who worked previously on Wadjet Eye Games projects like ‘The Shivah: Kosher Edition’ and the latest entry of the ‘Blackwell’ series, as well as full-on professional voice acting to accompany it.

Those interested in ‘Technobabylon’ can free to keep up with it via its official website.

‘Technobabylon’ is expected to launch on Windows PC through Steam, GOG and Wadjet Eye Games’ website sometime in Spring 2015.