Brace yourself Gothamites, your city is about to get dark and scary. Like “why are they still living there?” dark and scary. But not to worry, your savior is on his way, just give him another 15 years to train and then you’ll be all set. Just pray his rogues gallery doesn’t get any serious traction during the next decade and make the city even worse.

FOX has released a trailer for the full first season of ‘Gotham,’ delighting both fans and naysayers as they can preview what the series has in store for its viewers. And to be honest, I haven’t started watching ‘Gotham’ yet, but after this trailer, I think I’m finally ready to give it a shot:

Being a fan of the ‘Arkham Asylum’ and then the ‘Arkham City’ video games, I was of course excited at the prospect of seeing the introduction of the Arkham sections of the city, and the potential for mayhem that could occur there. That along with the character of Zsasz being introduced leaves me very intrigued, as Zsasz is just one of those comic book villains that just begs to be explored, and the portrayal of him in the trailer seems to be spot-on. I just hope they didn’t give away all his best moments in that trailer, as I think the scene where he faces off with Jim Gordan in the middle of the police station looks like it has potential for some real shoot-em-up carnage.

All in all, releasing the trailer is probably a brilliant marketing move on the part of the show, as now that people have seen the pilot, they may all be wondering if there is a plan, and where exactly the show is going. And now they’ll know. I’m happy to report that  there seems to be some real thought going into the execution of the series’ plot lines, enough at least to get this jaded viewer to give the show a chance. Here’s hoping the trailer is but the tip of the iceberg, and not a slick package created to lull audiences into a false sense of confidence in the show’s future.

Source: Entertainment Weekly