Could Bruce Wayne be headed to Starling City?  DC Comics properties are scattered all over the television landscape these days, with ‘Arrow‘ and ‘The Flash‘ on The CW, ‘Gotham‘ on Fox and ‘Constantine‘ on NBC and ‘Supergirl‘ headed to CBS in the fall.  But does that mean there’s no chance of crossovers?  There’s already talk that ‘Supergirl’ will take place in the same universe as ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash.’  Does that open the door for more characters to cross over between networks?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim was recently asked about a possible Batman appearance on ‘Arrow’ and while it seems like a long shot, he didn’t rule it out, by saying:

“At the end of the day it’d be so awesome to have Batman on the show. That’d be really cool. I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon, but you never know … one day. One thing we’re always saying … we never expected to have had the Huntress [Jessica De Gouw], Deathstroke [Manu Bennett] or Deadshot [Michael Rowe]; we ended up with a lot more DC Comics characters becoming part of the show than we had ever planned. It wasn’t initially part of the pitch or the conception of the show. Now here we are in our third season and we’ve Flash [Grant Gustin] and the Suicide Squad and we’re going to have Katana and we have Ray Palmer [Brandon Routh], and it seems like you could field an entire show off the characters that we have introduced on Arrow. That’s so beyond anything we expected. That’s a long-winded way of saying I’ve learned not to expect anything or make any predictions because the reality has far exceeded any of our initial predictions or initial conceptions.”

And don’t forget that on brother show ‘The Flash,’ Cailtin Snow’s boyfriend was Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm (who has already appeared on camera) and a few weeks ago, we saw a villain whose powers were fueled by “rage” and manifested in a red glow only to be counter acted by the colors green, violet, blue and indigo.

Yup!  Lanterns!  It’s not confirmed or anything, and it would be a big leap into the comic book universe, but the set up was there.

While Batman may be a long shot due to “Gotham,” would you like to see the Lanterns brought to the small screen?  What other DC characters would you like to see on ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Flash’?

Source: /Film