The more we’ve been seeing for the second season of SyFy’s ‘Helix,’ the more it looks as if the series is about to pivot and go in an entirely new direction. The latest trailer really seems to help push that idea too. We’re only a few days from the January 16th premiere date for ‘Helix’ and I’m really getting curious how we’ll see the new season pick up the threads of the previous one with how different the case looks so far. With the character of Dr. Allan Farragus returning, we know that the seasons won’t be self contained stories, I’m truly unsure how this is going to pick up after how the series left things off.

With the tagline of “Play God, pay the price.” We’re clearly going to be seeing quite a bit more of humanity or whatever the vampire acting race from the first season that was never explained being on the losing end of playing with science. As one of the main characters this season will be played by Steven Weber who as a geneticist who runs a science based cult on an island, I suspect this is where the “Play God” portion is going to be coming from.

Geneticist + cult = clearly nothing good.

You can check out the latest trailer which has given us the best look at the island, and cult, to date!

So while it really is doing a great job at bringing us some creepy shots and giving us a little better of an idea of what to expect, a lot of the plot is still quite shrouded in mystery.

Are you looking forward to ‘Helix’ infecting Syfy once again later this month? Do you think we’re in for something special or was the last season left off too open ended to be heading to another potential outbreak?

Syfy will be infected with the second season of ‘Helix’ on January 16, 2015 at 10/9c.

Source: Cinema Blend