Previously we’ve seen from one man how a fight between The Hulk and Superman might look and now someone has decided to pit another one of Marvel’s heroes against the Man of Steel. That’s right ladies and gentlemen it’s an all out slug match between Iron Man and Superman in today’s video.

This time we’re seeing how brain works over brawn.

While this is a look at how one of Marvel’s finest might compare to DC’s champion of justice I’m sure it may also be a nod to the upcoming ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ where we see Iron Man’s counterpart matching wits against Superman.

You can take a look below!

This was created by Alex Luther who really did an amazing job at mixing scenes from the ‘Iron Man’ movies with scenes from ‘Man of Steel‘. The idea here that if these two shared the same world seems plausible on why Iron Man would chase down Superman and in fact is the rumored basis that will lead the Caped Crusader doing the same thing in the upcoming film.

Being the hero that went along with ideas like the Superhero Registration Act that kicked off Marvel’s Civil War story line it wouldn’t be too far fetched that this futurist may believe that Superman was far too powerful for the planet. As we learned in the recent AXIS story line, during that time frame he also created sentinels whose soul purpose would be to take down his fellow heroes.

Just in case.

On top of that he is an ex-weapons manufacturer that created his own armor so his ability to come up with a way to use Kryptonite as a weapon isn’t even the slightest far fetched idea from my vantage point.

Personally, the unrealistic idea of DC and Marvel working together on a movie seems to far outweigh anything else in this trailer that Luther put together. There was some really slick editing here and is worth a watch.

So folks, if Tony had weaponized Kryptonite who do you think would win in a match of Iron Man vs Superman?

Source: Cinema Blend