Paul McGuigan’s (‘Sherlock’) upcoming take on ‘Frankenstein’ will be a little slice of gothic horror that pits the once innocent Daniel Radcliffe (‘Horns‘) of Harry Potter fame into the roll of Igor. While we don’t know much about the film, we do have his first look in costume where he’ll be playing across James McAvoy (‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘) who is playing the title character of Victor Von Frankenstein.

While the movie is based off of Mary Shelley’s 19th century novel, what little we know hints that it is a tale of friendship and redemption. Most importantly it will be told through the eyes of Igor. So it won’t be McAvoy’s personification of the mad doctor we follow but Igor himself. I’m curious how much of that will end up relating to the creation of the Monster as Igor was mainly known for gathering body parts and helping with odd jobs. Even without this great set of actors in the lead roles, I’d want to see the movie for one reason alone. It was penned by Max Landis who wrote one of my favorite superhero films from the past few years in the lesser known movie ‘Chronicle‘.

Well, that’s a look! It absolutely fits with the gothic style the film has been said to be done in.

It’ll be good to see more of Radcliffe entering the horror genre. He clearly seems to have a growing interest in horror. Since he’s left saving the world of Hogwarts he’s starred in ‘The Woman in Black’ and the upcoming ‘Horns’ where he’ll be playing a young man who grows horns.

We’ll also see in the cast Jessica Brown Findlay (‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Winter’s Tale’) who will play Lorelei, a circus performer who becomes close friends with Igor as well as Andrew Scott (‘Sherlock’) and Bronson Webb (‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’).

What do you think about the look of Igor? With ‘I, Frankenstein‘ right around the corner are we getting too much overload on the character or do you think that this take will be worth a watch?

Via: SciFi Now