The second season of ‘Penny Dreadful‘ is being unleashed upon the world in 2015 and Showtime has released the first teaser trailer for it! While this one really feels to primarily be showing off Eva Green’s character of Vanessa Ives as she is comes to terms with what her powers can actually do, her face isn’t the only one you’ll be seeing pop up here.

Also making an appearance is Rory Kinner’s Caliban (Frankenstein’s Monster), Harry Treadaway’s Victor Frankenstein, the fingers of who I guess is going to be Billie Piper’s Brona Croft, Timothy Dalton’s Sir Malcolm, and Reeve Carney’s Dorian Gray all show up as well. At this time it isn’t too clear how big of a role both Malcolm and Gray will have in the upcoming season. If there aren’t more vampires showing up there isn’t much for Malcolm to have planned aside from another expedition and Gray honestly hasn’t been doing a whole lot so far. I think what I am most looking forward to is how we’ll see Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler dealing with his lost love suddenly back among the unliving or if that is a plot that will be left off for the third season.

You can check out the first teaser trailer for the second season below!

Helen McCroy’s Madame Kali will feature heavily as the antagonist who is set against Vanessa’s powers and Patti LuPone (‘American Horror Story: Coven’) has signed on as well as “a mysterious character of great importance in the life of Vanessa.” The ten episode run is set to be released in 2015 but no start date for the next season is set at this time.

Need to catch up on the series? Showtime is running a ‘Penny Dreadful’ marathon of all eight episodes on New Year’s Eve starting at 8pm EST and will show them again on New Year’s Day on Showtime 2 at noon.

Are you a fan of ‘Penny Dreadful’ and looking forward to the second season? What did you think of the first teaser trailer? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie