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With production on ‘The Walking Dead’ prequel nicknamed ‘Cobalt’ set to begin, we’re happy to share with you that AMC has selected Kim Dickens (‘Gone Girl’, ‘Lost,’ ‘Hollow Man’) to take on the role of the female lead on the series. The prequel is set to take place right as the outbreak is happening so expect things to go from normal to hell over the span of the first season and, I suspect, over the first couple of episodes. In a different venue, we’re going to see this prequel to the AMC top rated show take place in Los Angeles which should give us a vastly different feel than what we’re used to from the main series.

Long term fans of Robert Kirkman‘s zombie epic have clamored for both more details on how the outbreak spread began as well as what is going on in the rest of the world and now we’ll be getting a few details on both through this series! The series itself is being put together by series creator Kirkman as well as showrunner Dave Erickson.

In ‘Cobalt,’ Dickens is set to play Nancy Tomkins. At the start of the show Tompkins is a guidance counselor who is dating a colleague named Sean. Nancy also has two kids though there are no details on the husband and I’m curious if that may lead into a future plot point or if we’ll have more of a Carol type situation on our hands. Also, she appears to have a troubled past which will return to haunt her in the series. Gee, I wonder if that will somehow be related to the ex-husband.

We’ve already been notified that Sean will be played by Cliff Curtis (‘Live Free or Die Hard’,’Training Day’) who is a teacher and also was previously married. His situation may be a little more difficult off the bat as he has a son who he shared custody of with his ex-wife Andrea. Described as a “good man trying to do right by everyone in his life,” I expect we’ll be seeing some scenes with both Nancy and Andrea as the world falls apart around them. Also previously cast are Alycia Debnam Carey (‘Into the Woods‘) as Nancy’s daughter Ashley and Frank Dillane (‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’) as her son, Nick.

Are you looking forward to a further look into the world of ‘The Walking Dead’? Are you glad that we’ll finally see what is going on in another area of the United States with some potential news of what is going on in the world right as things are going bad? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter