After a few false starts with Dick Greyson, Aquaman, and Deadman, Warner Brothers and the CW may finally have their long sought after replacement to fill the superhero drama spot that ‘Smallville’ vacated after its 10th season.

Last week, reports came from the CW camp that they were moving ahead with an adaptation of the ‘Green Arrow’ comic called simply ‘Arrow’. Word is that the new show will be a little loose with the source material while trying to keep the core of the character.

Now it seems as if ‘Arrow’ is officially out of the planning stage and is getting into casting. Deadline reported today that Stephen Amell has been cast in the lead role for ‘Arrow’. Amell is best known around the CW as a guest star on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘90210’.

Stephen Amell does have that Green Arrow look down if the CW is going for the look of the New 52 version.

Amell will be the second actor to play the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen character for the CW. Justin Hartley played Oliver Queen on ‘Smallville’. (Coincidentally, Hartley also played Aquaman on the failed pilot episode that CW created when they were attempting to replace ‘Smallville’ some years ago.)

It’ll be interesting to see what the CW can do with the Green Arrow. Hopefully they can rekindle that ‘Smallville’ magic with the character even though he’s not as universally known as Superman.

If not… there’s always that young Bruce Wayne pitch that no one wanted to touch.