While all the information released by the Sony hack has been detrimental to the company, comic fans have jumped on any and all news regarding ‘Spider-man’ and the studio’s handling of the beloved character. While they have been hopeful about the prospect of the character returning to Marvel and joining the MCU (and potentially making appearances in future ‘Avengers’ films and ‘Captain America: Civil War‘), they have also been disheartened at the notion that in order for ‘Spider-man’ to swing into the Marvel universe, Sony would have to dump all current Spidey continuity, including it’s beleaguered lead, Andrew Garfield.

In response to this, and the fact that Sony had been thinking of dropping Garfield even if the character did not go to Marvel/Disney, fans have started an online petition over at Change.org, and at the time of this writing, have amassed over 10,000 signatures, which was the goal the makers of the petition strove to hit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Andrew Garfield is a fine actor and did a wonderful job playing Spider-Man, but the fact of the matter is, Marvel has a point in wanting to start fresh with the character. Sony’s bungling of the storylines and the villains and the world of ‘Spider-man’ needs to be fixed, and the worry is that there is no way to reboot or refresh the franchise with the same actor playing the main character. I mean, even if you switch the main actor some people still have trouble understanding the reboot concept, as there were still people who thought Garfield’s ‘Spider-man’ was based in the same time-line as Tobey Maguire’s take on the character. And if we’re being realistic here, Garfield’s ‘Spider-man’ is supposed to be 18-22, and I cannot be the only one who thought Andrew Garfield looked a little too old for the role in ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2.’ By the time Sony gets all its ducks in a row, whether doing their own movies or giving the character to Marvel, Garfield will be well into his thirties, and it will be tough to buy into the idea of him playing this young superhero.

Agree or disagree with me, I think everyone is interested and excited to see where Spider-man goes next, and will join me in hoping the hero’s next big screen foray will be worthy of the character, and make us all happy to see Spider-man again.

Source: ComicBook.com