Disney looks poised to truly exploit its acquisition of the Lucas Films universe and had previously announced that in addition to releasing a third trilogy that would wrap up the original saga, that they would release several stand-alone spin-offs focusing on lesser-featured fan-favorite characters.  Of course the first name on everyone’s lips was Boba Fett, the mysterious Mandalorian bounty hunter who only made fleeting appearances in the original movies.  It was this mysteriousness (and probably the awesome armor) that helped endear him to fans.  Few characters in the entire saga inspire such fanatical devotion among fans.

First of all, Disney has not yet officially confirmed that Boba Fett is 100% getting a solo movie, so bear that in mind.  But in the very likely chance he should, as we reported in January, none other than Lawrence Kasdan, the original screenwriter for both ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ as well as ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and many other well-respected non-genre films seems to be inching closer to a lock for the job of handling the script.

Boba Fett made his debut in ‘Empire’ and was seemingly killed in ‘Jedi’, although in “expanded universe” stories (novels and comics) he survived and went on to further adventures.  However Disney and Lucas Film have been swearing up and down that the “expanded universe” isn’t canon.  But among the rumors is that Kasdan, who penned the bounty hunter’s initial appearances, would actually be borrowing from the “expanded universe.”

This doesn’t mean he’ll be straight up adapting any particular story, but since– as far as movie watchers are concerned– the bounty hunter was eaten by the Sarlacc Pitt and even digested, hence the burp following this event, coming up with a way to explain his survival may be challenging without looking to the ways that other writers have handled it in the past.

Then again, there have been rumblings that this will actually be an origin story, bridging the events in the prequel trilogy and the “original” trilogy.

Would you like to see a Boba Fett movie?  What would you like it to be about?  An origin?  Undocumented missions?  Or a post ‘Jedi’ survival tale?

Source: SchmoesKnow