HBO is more known for their hit series like ‘Game of Thrones’ these days over feature films but that might be changing as they’ve tapped both Michael B. Jordan And Michael Shannon to star in a new take on ‘Fahrenheit 451.’ Fans of Ray Bradbury’s work or science fiction literature should quickly recognize that name as it is one of the author’s most iconic pieces of literature.

Release in 1953, the novel is set in a dystopian society that uses media as a drug, has outlawed history, and a group known as the “firemen” are in place to burn books. The story follows a freshly minted fireman named Montag who realizes that what he is doing is wrong. Giving up everything and going to battle with his own mentor, Montag is also fighting for his humanity. From the ages of the actors alone, it should be clear that Jordan is set to take on the role of Montag while Shannon is playing ” Beatty, Montag’s fireman captain and mentor.”

Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi are penning the script and had previously worked on ’99 Homes’ which is a film that Shannon was also involved in. Apparently, he likes their writing style! Bahrani will be pulling double duties on the film by directing it as well. At this time the film is still technically in the development stages, but with these casting choices being locked down it would appear that we’ll see some pre-production kicking in soon!

Are you looking forward to a cinematic take on ‘Fahrenheit 451’? Do you agree that Michael B. Jordan And Michael Shannon are going to nail these roles? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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