Before news broke recently that former WWE Champion CM Punk would be joining the UFC, we learned that the Second City Saint would be living another one of his dreams when his very first comic book story would be included in ‘Thor Annual’ #1 in February 2015. But despite all the training that the Straight Edge Superstar has in his future (potentially for a fight with a Power Ranger), it appears that he won’t be letting his career in comics slip away as yet another publisher has announced that Punk will be penning a story for them in March 2015.

According to IGN, the Best In The World might be able to draw from his experiences inside the squared circle as he pens a story for ‘Startling Sports Stories.’ The four-issue anthology series from DC Comics’ mature readers imprint Vertigo will feature “strange, scary, sexy and sensational sports stories” from the likes of Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, and Darick Robertson. No other information such as Punk’s artistic team or what issue his story will be in have been released yet, but we do have this preview artwork from the reboot of the six-issue DC series that ran from 1973-1974:

From his fifteen-year career in professional wrestling, Punk is sure to have his fair share of sports stories. In fact, he shared a good bit of them in the now-infamous episode of Colt Cabana’s podcast ‘The Art of Wrestling’ where the Voice of the Voiceless went into the details of his WWE departure including the various injuries he suffered, the misdiagnosis he received from the company doctors, and the stiff competitors that he had to face in the ring that shortened his career.

But even if he doesn’t touch on his wrestling career in his latest comic project, Punk is an avid hockey fan. Not only does he have an ongoing feud with LA Kings mascot Bailey, he can often be seen at Chicago Blackhawks games whenever they play at home (and sometimes on the road if the stakes are high enough). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s collected a wealth of inspiration over the years to write up a hockey story for Vertigo.

Regardless of which sport he’ll be writing about in this series, CM Punk is well on his way to building quite the comic book resume. By the end of winter, he will have already written for both of the Big Two, a feat that takes some people years to accomplish. Then again, they don’t call him the Best in the World for nothing, right? Plus, I’m sure that being a multi-talented crossover entertainer doesn’t hurt either.

Either way, what do you think of Punk’s developing comic book career? Are there any characters from Marvel or DC that you hope he gets a crack at in the future? Is there anyone else out there who hopes that he follows in the footsteps of Scot Levy (AKA professional wrestler Raven) and writes a Spider-Man story about the web-slinger’s days as a wrestler? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.