As promised during the PlayStation Experience keynote, Capcom finally revealed a live gameplay demonstration of ‘Street Fighter V’ at the recent Capcom Cup event in San Francisco.

Professional fighting game athletes Mike Ross and Peter “Combofiend” Rosas took to the stage for a live exhibition of the newest entry in the long running fighting game franchise, which is being analyzed on the fly by established fighting game community commentators James Chen and David “Ultrafiend” Philip Graham. Both Ross and “Combfiend” strike up a couple of two-out-of-three match as series favorites Ryu and Chun-Li.

From what can be seen in the gameplay demonstration, the new additions to ‘Street Fighter V’ come in various forms. Right off the bat, Ryu and Chun-Li have new attacks and special moves. There also looks to be the addition of a Revenge Meter, which seems to act as bar that powers up with inflicted damage so players can use Ultra Combos.

On top of the gameplay exhibition, Capcom also released the extended gameplay trailer of ‘Street Fighter V’ announcing the return of Charlie Nash, the best friend of mainstay ‘Street Fighter’ character Guile who has been presumably dead in the series’ story for quite some time. However, this time it looks like he may be not the same Charlie that fans might remember, what with a robotic part with a shining light attached to his forehead.

Announced during the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas, ‘Street Fighter V’ is the next big entry in the cornerstone Capcom fighting game franchise. After a string of iterations of ‘Street Fighter IV’, it looks like ‘Street Fighter V’ is coming in at the right time what with the new console generation just starting to pick up.

‘Street Fighter V’ does not have a firm release date but is planned to release exclusively for PS4 and Windows PC.