During the PlayStation Experience keynote presentation, Rocksteady Studios released the final part of their three part ‘Ace Chemical Infiltration’ gameplay video series for the upcoming ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’.

In the final gameplay video, what starts off as a battle initiated by multiple stealth take downs soon boils down into a fight with some goons and incredibly agile ninja-like enemies armed with samurai swords who can jump off walls to attack Batman. Unsurprisingly, Batman is able to take down these enemies and others with the same ease he has in past ‘Arkham’ games.

Later on in the middle of the video, a rescued Ace Chemicals worker reveals to Batman that Scarecrow is planning to build a bomb that will spread his lethal fear toxin throughout all of Gotham City. However, before Batman is able to figure out any more, an attack chopper shows up, which Batman promptly takes out with his heavily armed batmobile.

As far as what happens next, we’ll leave that for you to watch. (Hint: It’s a little bit of what you’d come to expect in a spooky bout against Batman and Scarecrow.)

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ is set to be the concluding chapter in the ‘Arkham’ series of Batman action-adventure games, which initially began with its first entry in 2009 with ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’. It tells the continuing adventures of Batman, who must defeat the infamous Scarecrow in order to foil his plot to unite all of Gotham City’s criminals under a single banner to kill the caped crusader on Halloween night. However, that isn’t all that Batman has on his plate, as a new villain known as the Arkham Knight has also stepped up to the plate to do battle with him.

Returning to develop the newest title is the ‘Arkham’ series’ original development team, Rocksteady Studios, who created the first two titles in the series but opted out of development duties on last year’s ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ in order to focus their efforts on making ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’.

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ will release on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on June 2, 2015. 

Source: PlayStation Experience Keynote