Syfy previously announced that it is getting back to its roots so has decided to do so by exploring a bit of outer space and throwing in a comic book influence by working on ‘Krypton.’ A new feather in the hat of the DC Entertainment television juggernaut, we’ll be seeing a new one-hour show that focuses on the planet that will one day send Kal-El and Zor-El to wear the mantles of our heroes Superman and Supergirl. Oh, and of course the infamous General Zod to come and try to conquer the Earth.

On a world where the House of El falls into disgrace, we will follow the story of Superman’s grandfather as he tries to bring equality to Krypton and build a better society for those that live on it. This seems like the perfect untapped potential for the current DC Universe. While rumors have us getting a taste of the cosmic in the ‘Justice League’ movies, there hasn’t been much yet from DC. The success of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ on Marvel’s plate has shown that there is a clear cut want for quality character driven science fiction.

The series will have David S. Goyer (‘Man of Steel‘,’Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘) and Ian Goldberg (‘Once Upon a Time‘,’FlashForward’) on board as executive producers with Goldberg set to write the pilot for the series. The overall story arc has already been laid out by the duo.

While we don’t have a clear focus quite yet, I highly suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of the groundwork for the long standing animosity that the Zod’s feel towards the house of El. There are so many potential characters to introduce and while Darkseid’s inclusion is most likely off the table, the Green Lanterns, the Velorpian race that Lobo comes from, and even Doomsday could be potentially mentioned here.

What are your thoughts on another DC series based around Superman that won’t directly relate to the character? Are you excited to see more on the planet that will give birth to one of the world’s greatest superheroes and also the one responsible for the eventual creation of Doomsday?