Although this is still in the rumor stage, this article does contain SPOILERS if the information is true…

In the latest questionable move in the DC Cinematic Universe, it seems the team has decided to start the story of Batman with the beloved character of Jim Gordon already dead, with proof of his death by some sort of memorial plaque that will be seen in the movie. Rumor has it the decision was made so as to help show how long Batman has been around at this point, which is close to 17 years by the time ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ takes place.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that FOX is currently airing a show about Jim Gordon (‘Gotham‘) and WB/DC is worried about people getting ‘confused’ again? Somewhat likely, as it seems very strange to have a major movie including Batman and not have his friend/foil/conscience there. Gordon has always been in the Batman stories, even Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ (which Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice’ is heavily borrowing elements from) has Gordon in the story. He’s a little older, he knows Batman’s identity, but he’s still a trusted friend and ally of Bruce Wayne.

IF the studio has a master plan that includes future Batman stories set in the new movie continuity being prequels that could include Gordon, than I will cut them a lot of slack, as it’s a good way to both have your cake and eat it too. But if this was an arbitrary decision made to make the movie a little darker and more “real” (God I’m tred of them justifying nonsense in the DC films by the “it needs to be more real and gritty” diatribe) than it is clear that Warner Bros and DC just don’t get their characters, the worlds their characters inhabit, or why the source comics are successful in the first place. Marvel does well as it stays as true as possible in their adaptations to their characters and the essence of the world they live in. Warner Bros seems to throw everything out the window and do whatever the current director feels would be “cool.”

Here’s to hoping I’m mistaken and this will all make sense when the film finally opens, but until then, I will remain skeptical.

Source: Badass Digest