Ever since it was announced, rumors of who would be starring in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ have been running rampant. Everyone in Hollywood would love to take a trip to a galaxy far, far away, and the list of names that have been connected to the first film in the new trilogy so far include original stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, as well as newcomers like Alex Pettyfer, Zac Efron, and Ryan Gosling. Now, the latest rumor reunites the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ director with one of the movie’s most mysterious stars.

According to a report from Film Chronicles, ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest name to be rumored to be attached to ‘Episode VII’. The fan favorite actor recently left Guillermo Del Toro’s throwback horror film ‘Crimson Peak’ without an official reason, so it’s possible that he left to take on a larger role in another project. It’s said that the new ‘Star Wars’ and Del Toro’s follow up to ‘Pacific Rim’ will be filming at the same time, so it’s not exactly a far-fetched rumor to invest in.

Also, if you wanted more evidence to support the report, Bleeding Cool notes that the source of the news tends to only “focus almost exclusively on reviews, interviews and well-sourced content rather than speculation or rumors”. If they were willing to put this out there, then they must have had a pretty reliable source.

In regards to what character Cumberbatch could play if the news is true, the cast breakdown for the film that was released about two months ago includes two roles that the actor could easily fill. First, there’s a “man in his forties, obviously physically fit, this one is a military type”. Due to his preparations for his role in the latest ‘Star Trek’ movie, he could pass for a military type. The other potential role could be a “man of around thirty or so, this one is an intellectual type”. Based on his stint as one of the most famous literary characters of all time, I’m pretty sure that he has the intellectual part down.

Even though it’s probably best to take this news with a grain of salt for now, there’s some pretty compelling evidence working in it’s favor. And if this turn out to be true, I wouldn’t be opposed to Cumberbatch’s inclusion in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. I feel like he would make be a pretty good Sith or a bounty hunter. Do you have any ideas of who the British actor could be if he were to land a role in Abrams’ next major project? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.