Darkness swirls, and lightning strikes with utmost precision, as a storm that could signal the end of our world brews.  Abbie and Crane make their way to stand against the newly risen Moloch with the Sword of Methuselah in their possession, but are impeded by this unnatural event.  With the help of some good old fashioned machinery, the pair makes it to Fredrick’s Manor, only to find it deserted.

While studying Henry’s model of Sleepy Hollow, they are able to discern his methods to raise Moloch’s army on earth.  A cry from Katrina leads them to her location, just as Headless is about to perform a ceremony to bind her soul to his.  Armed with a mythical sword and his own anger, Crane is able to disarm Abraham with minimal effort.

But in the moment he is prepared to slay his former friend, Abraham halts Ichabod with claims that the sword will take the soul, and thus the life, of whomever wields it. Glowing runes on the hilt lead Katrina to believe their enemy is telling the truth, and they must resort to other methods to discern the truth.

While Jenny is en-route with key information, Abbie and Crane leave Katrina to extract Moloch’s location from Headless in her own way.  A loophole in the function of the sword may allow Irving to wield the sword without losing his life, seeing as Henry is already in possession of his soul.  But first, they must find the missing captain.

While Henry and Moloch focus their dark energies to bring evil to earth, Katrina has a duel of wits with Abraham.  Crane observes some of her dealings with Headless, and again feels doubt over where her allegiance lies.  He reveals none of this to her, however, and only questions her on if Irving will be able to wield the sword.  She agrees it to be extremely likely, so Crane sets off to find the former captain, lead only by a vague clue left in his message to Jenny.

In the tunnels beneath Sleepy Hollow, Jenny and Crane locate Frank.  With a concession to have Jenny look after his family, Irving agrees with their plan and takes the sword in hand. Now that the captain is armed, the rest of the group seeks out Hawley to ready themselves for the upcoming battle.  After a little bit of convincing (mostly from the apocalyptic signs dropping all around him) Hawley agrees to guard Headless and hands over his arsenal to the cause.  Katrina uses her abilities to awaken ancient magic within Hawley’s weapons.

Ichabod and Katrina discuss their many emotional conflicts with one another before heading towards Moloch, each agreeing to treat the other as a comrade of arms until the conflict is resolved.  With everyone ready as they ever will be for such a confrontation, this group of heroes heads to the Four Trees, where evil is stirring.

The first of Moloch’s army rises up to meet them, with Henry’s armor of War at the front.  In a hoodie and jeans, Irving faces off against War and wins: but at a great cost.  With the merging of the two worlds so close at hand, Katrina’s magic is weakened, and she is unable to save Frank from death.

Boiling with guilt and fury, Crane and Abbie argue over who shall now wield the sword and sacrifice themselves.  But in a gathering of spirit and strength, the whole group pledges to put their lives on the line.  Just as they reach this decision, Moloch demands Henry sacrifice himself to delay Ichabod’s efforts.  The Horseman of War corners the gang and right as he seems to have the upper hand, Katrina and Ichabod spring a trap.

Crane offers to spare Henry’s life if he will just allow Ichabod to sacrifice his own life to defeat Moloch.  Appearing moved by his father’s endless care for him, Henry seems willing to accept these terms.  Of course, he flips the tables at the last moment and drags the entire team to Moloch’s feet.

This Being of Evil commands Henry to kill his mother, to which Ichabod demands his life be taken instead.  Retelling passages from the biblical story of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac, Henry looks all too willing to destroy his father.  With the sword in hand, the Horseman of War strides towards Ichabod, only to finally have Katrina’s faith in him proven true, as Henry pivots and stabs the sword through Moloch instead.

A great evil has been slain as Sleepy Hollow comes to a momentary pause.  Yet questions remain as to what will happen with Frank’s soul now that he has died fighting the good fight.  Or what will happen now that one lord of darkness has been succeeded by another.  No matter the outcome, the fight has certainly grown more personal and convoluted for Crane and Company.