One of the earliest forays into computer animation, the classic 90s series ‘Reboo,t‘ looks to be inching closer to a revival, just in time for the twentieth anniversary of the original show.  (Feel old yet?)  Original creators, Rainmaker Entertainment have released a new logo, sporting the subtitle ‘The Guardian Code’ to officially tout a new take on the series.

Previously, in 2008, it was announced that ‘Reboot’ would be revived as a film trilogy, which unfortunately never materialized.

In the original, focal character Bob was a Guardian, so obviously that will factor into the new show.  Bob was able to resist viruses and heal other sprites, under the motto ‘To mend and defend’.  Bob was aided by elder mentor Phong, the sassy Dot Matrix, her younger brother Enzo and “dog” Frisket.  The major villains on the show were “viruses” brother and sister  Megabyte  and Hexidecimal, who could combine into the doubly powerful Gigabyte.

The show was a Canadian import that originally aired on YTV.  Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon recently stated that plans were to air ‘The Guardian Code’ on the same network.  No word on U.S. distribution, though.  Originally, the show aired on CBS, then continued on the Cartoon Network, taking on a darker, more adult-skewing tone.  The new series, however, will likely be closer in tone to the first few seasons and more “kid-friendly.”

Along those lines, the characters from the prior version will be playing major roles, but it’s expected that the focus will shift to new younger characters.

Things aren’t set in stone just yet, however.  Rainmaker Entertainment has been struggling financially of late, which could explain why the earlier planned reboo… uh launch never occurred.  A successful new ‘Reboot’ series could spell life or death for the company.  The original ‘Reboot’ was quite successful, spawning a popular action figure line, among other tie-ins.  This could be quite the windfall, should things play out as planned.

Then again, several high quality animated shows in recent years have been axed because they didn’t move enough merchandise.  (Uh, maybe because kids don’t really play with action figures anymore?  Just sayin’.)

Will you be booting up for the remake of ‘Reboot’?

Source: The Huffington Post