We know that Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus 2‘ is coming and while he’s said that the Xenomorphs won’t be in it, we haven’t had much else to go on. Today, though, lead actress Noomi Rapace has been able to reveal a little bit of what to expect from the next film. While the first ‘Prometheus‘ had lackluster reviews due to bad pacing and some really strange moments, no one could argue its success visually or at the box office where it earned over $400 million worldwide. If it is used as the right building block, a sequel could be an amazing thing. But what can we really expect from it?

Well according to Rapace ,  it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for her character Elizabeth and Michael Fassbender’s David to encounter a “God” in the “Dark Paradise” which leads us to more on the engineers and possible who they serve. While it is all just theory (as Rapace doesn’t know exactly what is planned for the film), there are some interesting theories in here.

You can check out the video interview below.

Theories are fun but if she’s being honest she doesn’t know what to expect either. If Ellen Ripley has proven anything in the ‘Alien’ franchise its that when you wake up from a cryosleep, bad things tend to have happened while you were out. Will she and David wake up at the Engineer’s homeworld? Will we find out why the Engineer’s were making so many weapons of mass destruction? It would hint that the species is at war with something else entirely and what could that be?

This is a franchise that is ripe with opportunity as long as Scott can give us a sequel that delivers on the promise of a good science fiction film without the bad pacing give us a solid story. The premise is there, the effects are outstanding, the direction has potential. I just hope that he’s learned from his mistakes.

Do you think this could be a good direction for ‘Prometheus 2’? Are you looking forward to the film and think it’ll be better than the first or was the pacing so off that you don’t plan on checking out the next installment?

Source: MTV UK