Now I’m not going to go all out and say that Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’ is the best novel of all time, but it’s damn well sure close to it! While rumors have circulated about a movie adaptation for years, fellow fans will at least be happy to hear that BBC Radio 4 (which you can listen to online right here) is going to be bringing us the tale in all its audible glory!

Think of it as the perfect Christmas present (Antichrist included) for all as the radio adaptation of this classic take on the apocalypse will air at 11pm from the 22nd to the 27th of December and the final episode will be a full hour-long special.

Not only will it be in radio format but it is planned to be voiced by ‘Merlin‘’s Colin Morgan, ‘Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Ritchie, Mark Heap (‘Green Wing’), Peter Serafinowicz (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’), Paterson Joseph (‘Peep Show’), ‘Sherlock’s Louise Brealey and many more . Also, a slew of pictures were released below which feature props from the series that one can only wish will someday end up on the big screen.

I will honestly say that I have never in the history of ever been excited about a radio event until today. ‘Good Omens’ tells the tale of the coming of the Anti Christ as well as an unlikely pairing of an angel and a demon who rather fancy their life on Earth and are teaming up to prevent its destruction from coming.

Colin Morgan chimed in that the story is about, well, “It’s about the antichrist, at Christmas – nothing more festive that that! But it’s got heart and the soul. It’s the escapism, the fantasy element of it, the charm and magic that surrounds Christmas, I think. And it’s pure escapism. I think everybody can get something from it. I think fans of Terry and Neil will be extremely pleased.”

I can’t wait to hear it!

Gaiman recently had a success in ‘Neverwhere’ on the radio and has rejoined the same team to bring my favorite novel of his to life. Dirk Maggs who was responsible for directing the adaption of ‘Neverwhere’ and is back in charge. Gaiman helped with the script and both he and Pratchett will make voice cameos along the rest of the cast.

Are you a fan of ‘Good Omens’ and plan on checking this out?

Good Omens will begin on Radio 4 on Monday 22nd of December at 11.00pm

Source: Radio Times