It’s safe to say that the child stars from the unimaginably popular ‘Harry Potter’ movies never have to work again, but they need to stay active somehow, right?  Harry himself, Daniel Radcliff and Hermione a.k.a. Emma Watson have starred in lower budget dramas which show their maturation as serious actors, while Matthew Lewis underwent an ‘Ugly Duckling’ transformation so drastic that ‘Longbottoming’– after his nerdy character Neville Longbottom– has become a verb used to describe going from unattractive dork to smokin’ hot sex symbol.  But one of the main stars of the franchise, Rupert Grint, who played second fiddle Ron Weasley, has largely remained out of the spotlight.  But that may change now that he is due to star in a new comic book fantasy series ‘Imperial City’ for NBC.

The show was conjured up by producer Aaron Kaplan (‘Life In Pieces’,’Secrets & Lies’) and written by Silvio Horta, the creator of ‘Ugly Betty’.  NBC has ordered a pilot for the show, which was created for Grint and produced by Warner Bros. who also produced the ‘Potter’ movies.  In it, Grint plays the imaginatively named Rupert, an office drone whose father wrote a short-lived comic book called ‘Imperial City’.  The fictional Rupert owns all nine issues of the comic book, but in the pilot discovers the existence of a previously unheard-of tenth issue.  His quest to track down this elusive finding leads him to discover that ‘Imperial City’ is real.

Horta and Kaplan will executive produce with Grint also serving as a producer.  This makes the second attempt at an American TV pilot for Grint who, in 2013, shot the comedy ‘Super Clyde’ which was not picked up.

Grint will next be seen in January in ‘Moonwalkers’ in which he plays a rock star who has a role in Stanley Kubrick faking the historic moon landing, based on a widely believed conspiracy theory.

Will you be glad to see Grint back in action?  Will you be able to buy him in a role other than that of Ron Weasley?  Does the premise sound promising?

Source: Deadline