It isn’t just Marvel and DC comic series being made into movies these days as Benderspink Productions has just acquired the rights to ‘Drafted’ an original science fiction comic series that was released by Devil’s Due Publishing.

‘Drafted’ was created by writer Mark Powers and artist Chris Lie in 2007. It was launched with a preview issue that ended with 12 single issues that followed it which were later re-released as 2 trade paperbacks. No word at this time if the movies will be based on this first series or the relaunch of the series that is planned for next year.

The series has a very militaristic feel as humanity is forced to work together with the first of two alien races to fight for our survival against a second. Talk about a great way to finally enjoy meeting alien life now that our species is out among the stars!

The production company tends to deal with both comedy and horror though not much for direct science fiction in space. However, with their work on ‘The Ring‘ franchise, ‘Red Eye,’ and the upcoming ‘Zombeavers,’ they at least know their way on helping with horror so it could be interesting to see who they get for directing, writing, and acting duties for the project. I can’t help but compare this project to ‘Starship Troopers‘ in my mind from the synopsis below:

Comic Synopsis:

For centuries, humanity has questioned the existence of life on other worlds. When we finally meet extraterrestrial life, it isn’t exactly as we may have hoped… An alien race known as The Benefactors has come to help mankind fend off an invasion by another, more malevolent alien race. Throughout history the things that divide us have taken us to war with each other- now we find ourselves with one thing in common that will unite us like never before: As of today, WE HAVE BEEN DRAFTED.

Are you looking forward to seeing how humanity deals with being drafted by one alien species to fight another plays out on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Coming Soon