In the latest ‘Star Wars’ related rumor to hit the internet, Lucasfilm and Disney are already planning on a new animated television series to follow ‘Star Wars: Rebels,” this one taking place in the time period of the upcoming sequel trilogy.

With ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ already renewed for a second season (not to mention garnering some acclaim from fans and critics alike for its wonderful mix of the excitement and adventure fun of the original trilogy mixed with many storytelling aspects that link the prequels and the original films), Lucasfilm is looking to the future for its next television adventure. ‘Rebels’ can only run so long, as the story it is telling ultimately culminates right before ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ begins, with Luke Skywalker joining the Rebels and blowing up the first Death Star.

The “Clone Wars” animated series got a solid 5 season run (with a bonus 6th released to Netflix), so the hope would be that “Rebels’ gets a similar treatment, which I see no reason it would not. Between being on a Disney owned network (Disney XD) and the merchandising money the show is generating, Disney and Lucasfilm would be foolish to halt production without getting their full money’s worth. And until the first (and maybe second) movies of the sequel trilogy come out and establish the timeline the new series will be set in, there’s no reason to rush into a new show that could hamper continuity with the new movies.

Of course, the source for this rumor claims that Lucasfilm has planned about 3 or 4 seasons for ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ but as stated before that could easily be extended. The source also states that Lucasfilm already knows exactly how the series will end, which means they have a whole arc already in mind for the show, which means they are probably either setting something up specifically for the next series, or more interestingly, might be setting something up for the sequel trilogy to play off of.

Only time will tell, but for now, this fan is just going to sit back and continue to enjoy the return of ‘Star Wars’ in the media spotlight, and all the movies and TV shows that go along with it.

Source: Slashfilm