There has been a lot of buzz about ‘The Last Starfighter’ after the amazing modern day trailer remake was shown online. While those hoping for another run on the series may have gotten a little excited, this is one you shouldn’t be getting your hopes up about. While a reboot was talked about, one of the big names pushing for it was actually Seth Rogen who would love to take a shot at it. Only he hasn’t been able to get anywhere with the project as he was having difficulties obtaining the film rights.

Rogen showed us just how impossible it would be to see a ‘Last Starfighter’ remake happen as someone with a little more clout can’t seem to get the rights to the film either.

Below, you can see the tail end of the conversation that Rogan was having on Twitter that hints that he has been looking to try and reboot the movie for quite some time now and that his name isn’t the only one in Hollywood that would love a piece of the action. In fact, the director he spoke to about it was looking to do another go at the movie himself:

Yes, Steven Spielberg himself tried to get the rights to this 1984 science fiction hit that was ahead of its time I don’t think we’ll be seeing it show up again. It sounds like Jonathan R. Betuel, the film’s writer, still owns the rights for any remakes or sequels and doesn’t seem to want another round of it to happen. Let’s be honest here, if anyone could do a science fiction epic right and have enough pull to get it done that would be Spielberg and if he can’t get the rights I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

In a society where everyone wants a piece of the pie and with Betuel not having done much in Hollywood in recent years, it is good to see a man stick to his convictions of not wanting a story to be rehashed. Still, it is a movie that has hit my personal number of 30 years of having been released, so it could do for another take on the movie.

You can check out the trailer that caught everyone’s attention below:

Now that really does make me want to check out the film again though I don’t think it can actually live up to my memory at this point.

Still, after seeing the trailer and if you’ve seen the film, would you want a modern day retelling of it to hit the big screen? If so would you rather see Spielberg or Rogen land the rights to the film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film