As always when it comes to these things this is being filed fully into the rumor category so continue on at your own risk…

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Okay then. An expanded description of a scene from ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens‘ might just be giving us not only the end of the film but the end of a very crucial ‘Star Wars‘ character. So of course, if you want to avoid  more spoilers, turn back now. Though, as always with these things, there is no proof that this rumor holds any weight. It doesn’t help that the source is completely anonymous and that a leak this early on a J.J. Abrams piece that is guarded by the Force, Disney, and probably some of Marvel’s super heroes just feels highly unlikely.

Still, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Still with me?

Okay, so there has been a lot of rumors that the next ‘Star Wars’ film will show Luke Skywalker sort of loose his mind as the film progressed. One recent rumor had him dying at the end of the film but now it seems that instead of dying we see that in a fit of rage, Luke becomes a killer. In fact, not only does he kill but he takes the life of one Han Solo who is trying to protect Adam Driver’s character who turns out to be his son. Apparently in this film, he wasn’t able to shoot first. Also, with his dying breath. Han will beg Luke to spare Driver which is a mistake as Driver then becomes an evil Jedi Hell bent on revenge against the man who has taken his father’s life which sets him up to become the main or one of the main villains by the trilogy’s end.

While this would give Harrison Ford his life long wish of dying on screen heroically in a ‘Star Wars’ movie, I’m having problems buying into such a big death and film ending being leaked so early. At least, on a ‘Star Wars’ film. One reason is that it is being helmed by Abrams, the man who build a wall of storage units around a ‘Star Trek’ location so that no one would be able to get in to take pictures. Now, anything is possible and multiple sites are reporting on this, but I can’t stress enough that I’m personally feeling that it should be filed firmly into the rumor category.

What are your thoughts on the rumor, do you think it would heighten the end of the first film as we progress later into the series or do you have doubts on this one as well?

Source: Cinema Blend